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"Religion is sort of like a lift in your shoes. If it makes you feel better, fine. Just don't ask me to wear your shoes." [George Carlin]
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Welcome to the Heathen Handbook Cyber Community!! We've just moved in, excuse our dust. Causedujour, WebHeathen Extraordinaire and her trusty Apprentice WebHeathens Sarah1klein and Toora have been hard at work clearing out the cobwebs and pulling the dustcovers off the furniture. Fine job ladies! It's starting to feel like home here.

Well, you've found us…

Obviously you typed the magic word "atheist" or "heathen" into a search engine and voila! Into the abyss! There's a short list of possibilities inherent in that fact 1) You were searching for a safe harbor in a storm where you can commune with like-minded individuals without the fear that someone will be praying for your shriveled up, animal sacrificing, satan worshipping, sorry excuse for a soul, 2) you are a truly hideous typist and by a cruel twist of fate you found yourself here amongst the godless when you really were searching for "a theist", or 3) Oral Roberts found out about us and offered bonus points for converting the heathen horde.

If you fall into the first category feel free to poke around the place and get to know the layout of our lair, er I mean community. (Yeah, community, that's it!) Click on the join us link below if you're ready to come over to the dark side and have access to the member's only section of the board. If you fall in the second category, may I suggest Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and bid you a fond adieu! And if you're looking for brownie points at the pearly gates for converting us, send us an email and we'll give you our "special access".

We've been waiting for you! Muhahahaha…
- gypsy_stardust, Resident Writer-Sans-Dirty-Bathrobe


  • 10/11/2005
    Message Board restored!
      Ok, not restored, but a new one put up in it's place! Lots of new features! Come play!

  • 12/29/2003
    Added Shopping! aka Where To Go To Buy the Cool Stuff

  • 05/01/2003
    Official Site Launch

  • 04/22/2003
    Added Humor

  • 04/22/2003
    Added Musings

  • 04/18/2003
    Added Affiliations

  • 03/29/2003
    Moved offsite from IV message boards
    Click here to view the NDR site
    May 5th, 2006
    In The Spotlight Stay Tuned for Many New Updates to include:
    * A Heathen Wall of Fame
    * A Section on Dealing with Crisis without a Safety Net
    * and FINALLY the launch of our Suggested Reading Library
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